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apples,peaches, pears, plums, tell me when your birthday comes [entries|friends|calendar]

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cuz were in it to win it [3.3.07 @ 6:27 pm]
[ mood | calm ]

im going to see rent in three daysssssss (: im so excited!!! i just hope the cast dosen't suck, cuz that'd be sad. but im sure they wont.
um so im really sick of cute boys who do cute things and then make me fall for them. then after being all cute for a while they decide to ignore you for two days for no apparent reason except they probably couldn't care less if you were alive.
and then you have to do a project with him, but OF COURSE, i'm going to do the whole thing because he's probably using me to get a good grade. gahh i dont know.
im over it though. which i've been telling myself all day. im not sure if its working yet.
umm track is fun. well it hasnt really started but i've been conditioning sort of. it feels good to exercize! (: and last night was really fun. we had a band festival. which we actually did good at!!! it was exciting. then a buncha people went to ihop. and it was cool because i've been complaining about how sarahs my only friend in band, but now im starting to be friends with other people so its cooool. but it sucks cuz im becoming friends with all these people, then next year, none of them are going to be in the same band as me, except greg. but whateverrr the rest of the year will be fun, and i think me and sarah are going to do marching band again next year.
now im going to go get my electric blanket and watch greys anatomy (:
oh and i bought the cutest shirt ever today! haha.


she said miss sally brown your grades are going down [1.6.07 @ 4:46 pm]
its times like these when i really wish i had my liscence. (which i can't spell). i really want to go to barnes and nobles!!

wtffffff [11.27.06 @ 9:53 pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i dont even know what to do..
okay we found out the dates for the mifa musical competitions.
theirs a general admission one on January 26th
then the first competition i forget what its called is on January 27th.
the rest are in like febuary.

...thats the same weekend as the stage retreat.

im seriously like about to cry.
i want to do both reeeeeally really bad.


life is a holiday, im talking june through may [11.12.06 @ 9:31 pm]
so officially the musicals over.
except for MIFA. which were definitely doing and i defintiely hope i can.
because that means the musicals not ending yettt yayayaya.
haha its like my favorite thing i've ever done. it was so fun.
cuz even though i got to watch it like 10 times, i still loved it every time.
and i always laugh at the same parts.
"dexter, come!" and "mr.graiden, behave"
those were my favorite two parts. theres another but i forgot.
and i really want the cd, im like dieing without it!! haha and the pictures
are supposed to be up on the website but the guy still hasnt put them up!! im like
c'mon people!!!!! im impatient.
im going to chicago!!! this weekend!!!! and were seeing WICKED!!
you have no idea how excited i am. foooooooooooooooooreeeeeealz.
haha i love how this whole entry was about musicals. im sweet :D
well i really dont want to go to school.

[8.28.05 @ 12:19 pm]
[ mood | nervous ]


im going friends only too..

if your already on my friends list..you dont have to comment. but just in case theres anyone else who wants to be added just comment and i'll most likely add you :)



so im stupid [8.27.05 @ 7:51 pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i just deleted the last entry but i dont know how. cuz i didnt mean too.
but oh well.
yesterday was really fun. i got my schedule and stuff then came home for a little while until the orientation. that wasnt very exciting except i got to see everybody. then i went and changed for the game. so we entered at the picnic and played 2 songs. then marched to the football game. half time went pretty well i think. then me and michelle talked for the rest of the time. and that was fun i guess.
today i went shopping and got clothes for school :-D
and i dont have anything else to say so bye.


[8.20.05 @ 11:33 am]
[ mood | distressed ]

yesterday was soo much fun! i forgot to tell everybody i was gunna be gone all day because i went to cedar point, cuz well im an idiot! anyways i went with hope, mandi & caitlin!! we didnt go on any big rides cuz were sweet like that xD first we went on the iron dragon and then the wildcat! me and hope sat in the front it was scary haha! then we went on the matterhorn and the scrambler. after that me & hope went on the corkscrew and mandi and caitlin went on the iron dragon again. the corkscrew was so short!! but it was really fun! after that we were extremely hot so we went in the starbucks place and had pops and sat in the air conditioning for a while. after that we walked to the back of the park and went on the log ride! hehe that was fun we got a little bit wet but not too bad. then we went on the gemini! i love that ride its so fun! then we went and ate i had a cheeseburger! it was yummy lol. after that we went and changed into our bathing suits and went on the water rides! haha we went on snake river falls 6 times!! we sat in the front five times lol. we also went on the rafty thing twice and my mom and dad came the second time they got all wet it was funny. after our last time on snake river falls we went and got dippin dots!!!!! i love them so much :) me and caitlin were gunna go on the raptor after that but we got freaked out cuz it like broke and then they started sending more people on it again and we didnt want to go on it right after it broke!! that would be scary. so we left. the ride home was really fun cuz we were all so tired that we were really giggly and hyper. after a while we fell asleep though. when we woke up we started saying really stupid things cuz we were so tired and then we dropped them off and came home and i went right to bed!

so i most likely wont be updating for a really long time because this is my schedule right now for this week..
today-mandis party
tommorrow-come home from mandis, pack for camp
monday-go to marching band camp
thursday-camp/michigan adventures
friday-registration,orientation,marching in the football game, all school picnic
&& then monday school starts :( im really nervous. like you have no idea.

right now im burning the black eyed peas cd! its really good so far!


yeahh im doing it tooo [8.17.05 @ 10:01 am]
[ mood | content ]

new layoutt!
my life isnt very exciting right now.
but its about to get really busy. mandis party, marching band camp, orientation && then school starts. =0 im really nervous. but im excited too!
sorry my entrys have been so short latley.
um so rubberbands can die. (on braces obviously) yesterday i felt like ripping my teeth out. cuz for some reason i thought that would make my teeth hurt less. >:-O
and i was at the mall and i was like crying they hurt so bad i felt like an idiot. we went to target first and i got the click five cd. then we went to sears which was boring and natalie made us go into limited too. that store is so lame. haha. then we went in borders for like 5 minutes and i got the book Summer Boys. that is sucha good book so far! i want the second one!! after that we went in american eagle and my mom bought me a grey shirt and a pair of jeans :) isnt that nice of her? then we went in aeropostle and i tried on two shirts but i didnt like them. so we left. and i dont remember what i did for the rest of the day but it was pretty boring. except i watched the teen choice awards. and omg tyler hilton is so cute. i want to marry him. :-D
so at the top it says new layout. except i dont even have a new layout yet. so i should probably erase that but i dont want too!
so leave comments!!!


[8.15.05 @ 2:16 pm]
[ mood | blank ]

it seems like i havent updated in forever..but its actually been like 5 days-ish? i cant remember.

the family reuinon was alright. everybody was there. and aaron is like the cutest dad i have ever seen (not like cute-goodlooking like cute-aww)!! but that wasnt very exciting.

im thinking im going to make my lj friends only soon. im trying to find a good banner right now. anyone have good spots to find them? (im thinking harry potter, laguna beach, one tree hill...)

today i played alot of scene it! harry potter! it was extremely fun! the "my play" dosent work!!! im so mad at it. but its still fun cuz the all play one works.

later today im going to the ortho..boo braces suckkkk. i dont want to get them tightened already they just stopped hurting again! ):

well im going to go ttyl!


i would say it was your best line ever [8.10.05 @ 12:16 pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so im really bored. and i cant go anywhere cuz my moms at work and i cant drive! it seems like all my friends are on vacation right now and as soon as they get back im leaving again. it suckss.

last night i watched the real world. is it really wierd that thats the first show that has ever made me cry? you think it be something more..idk. i think its wierd. i think lacey and nehemiah are my favorite characters and at the beginning i didnt like them at all!

okay so about my vacation! it was reallly really fun! the piesters were up there so that was really cool. cuz i love gracie and nat and everything but theres a bit of an age difference between us. so having claire up there was real fun! i cant remember exactly what we did everyday since we were up there so long but mostly this is what happened..

we went swimming almost everyday, played ddr with claire for an hour and 50 minutes in a house with no airconditioning, went to candymountain, tubed down the platte river, had bonfires, played with sparklers, me and claire went tubing on a FISHING BOAT..that was really fast!! (im being sarcastic) but we fell out cuz we were going so slow we did a nose dive it was funny we couldnt get back on the tube cuz we were laughing so hard, we also went out far on the lake and hit waves on the paddlebutt, played mexican train, talked about boys, CLAIRE drove us to house of flaovers..that was really wierd cuz i've known her my whole life and now shes driving me places! it seems wierd lol, had my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and alot more. im sure im forgetting alot but oh well!

so heres a few of the pictures! there will definitley be more later. cuz i love posting pictures for some reason :-D

oh yeah before that my cousin bob told us this story about a kid named shit head. haha wouldnt it suck if your name was that?!

okay NOW were on to the pictures! sorry this entry was so long!

picturessssCollapse )



the second time around [8.8.05 @ 1:45 pm]
[ mood | blah ]

survey cuz im bored.
&& i'd rather update about vacation when i have more pictures.

10 bands you love

10 Jimmy Eat World
9 Reliant K
8 Graham Colton Band
7 Click 5
6 Bowling for Soup
5 Black Eyed Peas
4 Kelly Clarkson ; yeah not a band i know
3 Gwen Stefani
2 Ashlee Simpson
1 Gavin Degraw
9 favorite songs

9 Kill -- Jimmy Eat World
8 Funny Little Feeling -- Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers
7 Sidewalks -- Story of the Year
6 When the Stars go Blue -- Bethany Joy Lenz && Tyler Hilton
5 Mixtape -- Butch Walker
4 Mood Rings -- Reliant K
3 Just the Girl -- Click 5
2 Pump it -- Black Eyed Peas
1 Chariot -- Gavin Degraw

8 things in your room

8 bed
7 Stereo
6 dresser
5 clock
4 chair
3 closet
2 windows
1 mirror
7 people who make you smile

7 Caitlin
6 Hope
5 Mandi
4 Catie
3 Claire
2 Megan
1 AbiKatiekatie haha
6 favorite pastimes

6 shopping
5 taking pictures
4 hanging out with friends
3 movies
2 reading
1 swimming
5 favorite places

5 Chicago
4 Up north
3 my house
2 Bear Lake
1 Cedar Point
4 favorite movies

4 The Core
3 Remember the Titans
2 The Notebook
1 Million Dollar Baby
3 missed memories

3 Cedar Point
2 the summer 4 years ago
1 being little
2 favorite stores

2 Old Navy
1 American Eagle

1 weakness

Flip Flops (:

i might be hanging out with katie tebbe && abi tommorrow! im excited!


steek and boug!!!!!!! [8.2.05 @ 1:01 pm]
i havent updated in a really long time.
cuz im upnorth. and its really fun.
the piesters are here. and uncle mark and aunt anna are coming tonight!
we've been swimming a whole lot. yesterday i swam for 3 hours straight.
okay were leaving again so i'll update later!

your the daughter i never had [7.27.05 @ 2:33 pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wow i havent updated in a while.
so i had a birthday party. got some cool stuff. benny and jacob came over and had cake with us!! then we played over there and took pics and caught fireflies till they had to go home. (www.picturetrail.com/bekuh1)--pictures with them!
then a couple days after i had a sleepover with hope and caitlin. it was alotta fun. we watched the blair witch project and the breakfast club! that movie is so funny!!! then we played scene it; harry potter for a while. my grandma got that for my birthday. it was pretty cool except my dvd was being a retard. then we just talked for a while until like 2ish and fell asleep.
on sunday i watched million dollar baby!!! it was really sad. but she wore a shirt that i have!! wow i was so excited!! then me and natalie went over to bennys 3rd birthday. it was pretty fun. got to play with a buncha little kids but it got boring after a while so we left.
monday was vbs. me and abi are with the preschoolers! well now megan and katie are with us! so yeah. its fun.
tuesday vbs in the morning. me natalie and katie went out to dinner with mrs.cardelli, mrs.gaynor and sarah. then we took abi to her flute lesson and me mrscardelli natalie and katie went to walgreens. and took pictures with sweet sunglasses on. and had makeup wars. and then we picked up abi, went to her house, played ddr, and went to the pool for a while! it felt really good! then they all came over here cuz katie wanted to? lol. we had pizza then did makeup and put on lotza different costumes and took pictures and went for a walk outside!! this guy yelled something at us from his car but we couldnt hear him. and this lady was like "looking good girls" when we really looked insane. (www.picturetrail.com/bekuh1)--more pics from that. so yeah that was my night. we did other stuff but i dont feel like typing it all. tommorrow im going to vbs then going to the mall with caitlin. wooohoooo. friday vbs again, MAYBE, HOPEFULLY going to josh's for a little while to swim with everybody and then going UPNORTH!!!! yess i am excited dude!

alright im gunna go do something so ttyl!


the thunder came in today [7.20.05 @ 10:09 pm]
[ mood | sore teeth. ]

havent updated in a few days..
tuesday ; my birthday :) didnt do much during the day. around 5 i went to mongolian barbaque with my family. i love their food!! and then we picked up caitlin and went and saw charlie and the chocolate factory. it was awesome!!!! the story wasnt so amazing since i already knew it and everything but johnny depp was hilarious. i loved it.
today ; woke up at 9 cuz i had to go to the ortho. spent and hour and a half there getting braces put on. kdsjflskdj they hurt like crazy!!!!! then i went to the wave pool with caitlin and there like 293782 people from keller there it was really wierd! then i came home and was bored. went online for a while && stuff.
so yeah. that was my past 2 days. not terribley exciting. but my grandma and grandpa are coming tommorrow! :-D hehe.
later days.


just posting with pics from camping [7.19.05 @ 12:49 pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

just posting some pics from camping.

my camera ran out of batteries within like 5 minutes of getting there. so these are from my moms & my aunts camera.

i'll have a real update soon.

blahblah blah...Collapse )

later days.




i wanna scream at the top of my lungs [7.18.05 @ 8:45 pm]
[ mood | blah ]

camping was pretty fun! we didnt get to go to torch lake though :( but it was fun anyways. we mostly swam and had bonfires and all that campy stuff. i got sunburned and it hurt real bad. but it dosent hurt so much today. singing really loud in the car was awessome. BOOTY GO! haha :) one time we went swimming and these bugs like attacked us. it was horrible. so we got out lol.
when i got home i read harry potter. and finished it in a day! ha how cool am i?! it was freaking awesome i loved it. dont read this if you dont want to be spoiled. it was so sad at the end though. i was mad he died. and oh ron/hermionie. there so close to going out! dkjfslkdjfsk just do it already! my favorite quote in the whole book. "i love you hermionie."-ron. okay so he was saying it in a friendly way but you dont hear him saying that to anyone else do you?!! haha im such a dork. :)
I GOT A CELL PHONE TODAY!!!! its sweet its a flip phone. i love it.
and my birthdays tommorrow!!!!!!! im going to mongolian barbaque and then going to see willy wonka and the chocolate factory. during the day i have no clue what im doing!
so i'll probably update tommorrow.


theres a good kinda pain an insane kinda sane [7.14.05 @ 1:13 pm]
[ mood | amused ]

im going camping!!!!! in a little while. TORCH LAKEE! yess i love that lake its so pretty!
so i wont be updating for like 4 days.
then i'll be reading the harry potter book 24/7 so i might not even update then. (im a harry potter geek duh)
so today i actually burned a cd and im so proud of my self haha. so next time i update hopefully it will actually be long!! instead of all these lame ones that i keep doing cuz i have nothing interesting to say.
later days


come on baby its party time [7.12.05 @ 1:24 pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

lalala im bored and i want to jump in a pool or something.
too bad im a loser and dont have one. well okay.
um im playing ddr. its fun. i keep failing in standard then i laugh at myself.
im doing nothing today. i might run in the sprinkler with natalie or something? cuz thats what cool kids do.
im going camping on thursday. how exciting.
im coming back on sunday. and by then there will be only 2 days until my day of birth!
well im going to go now have a nice day.


mr jay tee [7.7.05 @ 10:04 pm]
[ mood | curious ]

katies making me doing this haha.

six songs that you are currently digging ... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words or even if they're any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artist and the song in your blog along with your six songs. Then tag six other people to see what they're listening to.

1))work-jimmy eat world
2))rich girl-gwen stefani
3))chariot-gavin degraw
4))Mississippi Girl-faith hill
5))champagne supernova-oasis.
6.)that girl-click five

okay im tagging..
2.)katie t.


i need another cookie [7.6.05 @ 9:50 am]
[ mood | excited ]

heyy. i have to update about the last like 93483 days. and theres pictures! woo hoo.
so i went to my grandma snays house for like 3 days or something then we swam alot and had bonfires and all that good stuff. theres nothing extremely interesting to say about that so i'll just post the pictures.
you wish you were as cool as usCollapse )

then i went to CAMP!!!!! and it was amazing! i miss everyone soo much! some of the best parts were low ropes, waterfront, hanging out with emma and tiffany, when me and katie were so hyper and made up a handshake and then fell on the ground when she jumped on me, campfires and dancing at festivas! so since theres alot of pictures of camp i have them in a picturetrail so if you really want to see them you can go here!


then i went to my other grandmas house. that was alotta fun the first day we just shopped and stuff but i didnt get anything, then on the 3rd it was graces birthday and we went to the cottage but it was really windy and cold so i didnt go swimming! then we went to the fireworks and oh man that was fun!!! i mostly talked to grace, natalie, su, doug, tom and zachery! haha we were throwing stuff at people and talking about gross things. lol. the next day was the parade and i sat next to zach cuz hes my buddy! lol. then we went back to the cottage and alot of stuff happened but i cant really remember. so we left the next day and today idk what im doing yet! whoo hoo! so heres the pictures from the 4th of july!

grandma, can we go in da other room?Collapse )


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